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Newleaf Third Moon (Spring, May)


Dapplestar - 9 Lives

Deputy: open

Medince Cat: Icywind @Sparkstar

Medince Cat Apprentice: Mistpaw @Lilystar Bendypaw @Dapplestar


Littlestar - 1 Lives

Deputy: Sparkleaf @Sparkstar

Medince Cat: open

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Lilystar - 9 Lives

Deputy: Whitefang @Dapplestar

Medince Cat: open

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Yellowstar - 1 Lives

Deputy: open

Medince Cat: open

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Redstar - 1 Lives

Deputy: open

Medince Cat: Blackwind

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Bella of Skyclan

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Bella of Skyclan Empty Bella of Skyclan

Post by Lilystar on Sat May 13, 2017 5:12 pm

Bella of Skyclan Sunfli12
.: Bella :.

"I was a kittypet. But now I am training to be a warrior"
b a s i c s

name ; Bella (Has a Prefix but she prefers to be called bella)
age ; 6 moons
gender ; She-cat
clan ; Skyclan
rank ; Apprentice
description ; Bella is a beautiful creamy tom-cat with beautiful blue eyes. She has pure white paws and white fur all over her. She has large curved ears that are delicate. She has long whiskers and very long fur.
skills ; out of ten
Fighting - 1
Hunting - 9
Climbing - 3
Running - 1
Swimming - 1
Strength - 3
Memory skills - 10
Stamina - 10
[size=24]b e h i n d t h e c a t

personality ; Kind, Caring and loving. Loyal
history ; She was a kittypet before joining Skyclan

r o m a n t i c s

crush ; N/A
mate ; N/A
kits ; N/A
kin ; N/A

m i s c.

sexuality ; Straight
Favourite Prey ; Jay
Favourite Season ; Leaf bare
Favourite scent ; The smell of fresh grass
Smells like ; Some say twolegs, but she actually smells like lavender


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