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Newleaf Third Moon (Spring, May)


Dapplestar - 9 Lives

Deputy: open

Medince Cat: Icywind @Sparkstar

Medince Cat Apprentice: Mistpaw @Lilystar Bendypaw @Dapplestar


Littlestar - 1 Lives

Deputy: Sparkleaf @Sparkstar

Medince Cat: open

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Lilystar - 9 Lives

Deputy: Whitefang @Dapplestar

Medince Cat: open

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Yellowstar - 1 Lives

Deputy: open

Medince Cat: open

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Redstar - 1 Lives

Deputy: open

Medince Cat: Blackwind

Medince Cat Apprentice: open



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Cat-Speak                                      Empty Cat-Speak

Post by Dapplestar on Sat May 13, 2017 12:16 pm

Crow-food: rotting food

Fox dung: an insult; stronger offense than mouse-brain

Fresh-kill: recently killed prey

Gatherings: a meeting that the Clans hold in peace at every full moon

Greencough: severe chest infection, which can be fatal in elders and young kits

Greenleaf: summer

Greenleaf Twolegplace: a place where humans visit only in the summer (a campsite, resort, etc.)

Halfbridge: a dock

Horseplace: fields and stables near the lake where half-tamed cats live

Housefolk: a house cat's word for its humans

Kittypet: a house cat

Leaf-bare: winter

Leaf-fall: fall/autumn

Loner:cat that lives peacefully on its own in one place but doesn't defend its territory

Monster: usually refers to human machines such as cars and bulldozers

Moonhigh: the time of night when the moon is at its highest--often midnight

Mouse-brained: not very smart

Mouse dung: an insult; stronger than mouse-brain, but less offensive than fox dung

Newleaf: spring

Nofurs: another word for humans

One moon: one month (half-moon = two weeks, quarter-moon = one week)

Rogue: a potentially hostile cat who lives outside the Clans and never spends too long in one place

Sharing tongues: term used to describe cats grooming each other

Silverpelt: the Milky Way

Sun-drown-place: the sea to the west, where the sun sets

Sunhigh: noon

Thunderpath: a road

Tree-eater: bulldozer

Twoleg nest: a human house

Twolegplace: a human town

Twolegs: the Clans' word for humans

Upwalkers: another word for humans

Whitecough: mild chest infection

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