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Newleaf Third Moon (Spring, May)


Dapplestar - 9 Lives

Deputy: open

Medince Cat: Icywind @Sparkstar

Medince Cat Apprentice: Mistpaw @Lilystar Bendypaw @Dapplestar


Littlestar - 1 Lives

Deputy: Sparkleaf @Sparkstar

Medince Cat: open

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Lilystar - 9 Lives

Deputy: Whitefang @Dapplestar

Medince Cat: open

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Yellowstar - 1 Lives

Deputy: open

Medince Cat: open

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Redstar - 1 Lives

Deputy: open

Medince Cat: Blackwind

Medince Cat Apprentice: open


Mistpaw, Medicine app of Skyclan

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Mistpaw, Medicine app of Skyclan

Post by Lilystar on Sat May 13, 2017 2:06 pm

.: Mistpaw :.

"I need Horsetail!"
b a s i c s

name ; Mistpaw ~ Mistpool
age ; 6 moons
gender ; She-cat
clan ; Skyclan
rank ; Medicine cat apprentice
description ; A beautiful grey she-cat with blue eyes long whiskers. Her legs are long for running. Her sense of smell is perfect for finding herbs. Her body is built for speed, lean. Her fur is short but fluffy, it feels like those sheep skin car seat covers.
skills ; out of ten
Herb lore: 5, only just started training
Stamina: 7
Speed: 3
[size=24]b e h i n d t h e c a t

personality ; A strong willed and kind hearted Medicine cat, Mistpaw is many things other then being smart. She is protective of her clan and sees many of them as her brothers and sisters. She is shy however. She is also trustworthy, but not with your deepest secrets. She also has terrible anxiety, hating the dark. Sometimes she gets trapped with fear, unable to do anything.
history ; Mistpaw was born in the clan, by Redstrike and Blueheart. Blueheart was killed while giving birth to her. Redstrike was devastated and never looked at his daughter, because she looked too much like her mother. She was ended up raised by another she cat, who gave her the name, Mistkit. This other she cat had lost her kits previously to green cough and was delighted to take care of Mistkit to allow her to not go down the same fate. When Mistkit reached Six moons, the medicine cat had seen her as a potential apprentice. But they already had a apprentice, Snowpaw. Suddenly, after Snowpaws dramatic death, they told Snowstar that they had chosen Mistkit as their new apprentice. Mistkit got her apprentice name and is determined to serve her clan both as a medicine cat and as a friend.

r o m a n t i c s

crush ; N/A
mate ; N/A
kits ; N/A
kin ; History

m i s c.

sexuality ; Straight
Favourite Prey ; Mouse
Favourite Season ; Green leaf
Favourite scent ; Cat Mint


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Re: Mistpaw, Medicine app of Skyclan

Post by Dapplestar on Sat May 13, 2017 2:07 pm


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